Sammy Sosa’s Infamous Corked Bat Currently on Auction Block

Sammy Sosa’s Infamous Corked Bat Currently on Auction Block

Was it an innocent mistake or was it partly responsible for the home run era? We may never know for sure but we now know where the barrel or second half of Sammy Sosa’s X professional model XX bat is located.

It was June 3, 2003 when Sammy Sosa, in the first inning of Cub’s win over the Tampa Devil Rays, hit a shot to the second baseman and shattered his bat in two pieces. The umpire crew chief, Tim McClelland, picked up the bat handle and found cork in one half of the shattered bat. Sosa was quickly ejected and claimed he took his batting practice bat up to the plate by mistake.

Major League Baseball confiscated Sammy’s shattered bat handle but the bat barrel’s whereabouts were unkown, until today. During the commotion on the field that day, Cub’s relief pitcher, Mike Remlinger came in from the bullpen to the clubhouse and found the barrel of Sammy’s bat on the floor of the clubhouse runway. The Cub’s bat boy must have collected the bat barrel and brought it into the clubhouse. Mike picked up Sammy’s shattered bat barrel and put it in is fishing carrying bag in his locker and then took it home

Sammy Sosa gained national prominence in 1998 during his home-run battle with Mark McGuire. Even though Sammy said he liked to put on a show for fans during batting practice, the question will always remain – Was he cheating when he hit any of those 505 home runs through June 3, 2003? MLB confiscated all of Sammy’s bats and conducted an investigation without evidence that Sammy had or used other corked game bats at that time.

Mike Remlinger has had the second half or barrel of the infamous Sammy Sosa corked bat in his possession since June, 2003. He recently consigned the corked bat to Schulte Auctions. It is currently live now in our October on-line auction. The game-used bat was authenticated by PSA/DNA, the vintage game-used memorabilia authentication company, recognized by the HOBBY and will come with a letter of authenticity from Mike Remlinger as well.