Larry Brown Today


1972 National Football League MVP

Larry Brown was formerly a running back with the Washington Redskins for eight years. During that time he received numerous awards, including Most Valuable Player in the National Football League in 1972. After retiring from football in 1976, he was employed at E.F. Hutton as a Personal Financial Management Advisor.

For 12 years, Larry was employed by Xerox Corporation with responsibilities for business and community relations. During that time, Larry met the challenge of coordinating and implementing community affairs activities by enhancing the Corporation's image and presence. Most recently, he is Vice President of The Michael Companies, Inc. a commercial real estate firm which is a member of The New America Network.

His commitment to helping those in the community has been long-standing and evidenced by his continued involvement with youth, the underprivileged, and people with disabilities, and the elderly. He has spoken at schools, colleges and universities on topics such as motivation and discipline.

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