Chantilly Show in Virginia Features Bart Starr

Chantilly Show Features Bart Starr

By Ray Schulte - /

NFL HOF'er Bart Starr and Ray Schulte

Yesterday, I travelled south to Chantilly, Virginia to visit with friends and some former players who were signing at the CSA Show over the weekend. I ran into Bobby Mintz from Tri-Star Productions who is an old friend. He brought in former Green Bay Packer great Bart Starr to sign for CSA Shows card and memorabilia event this weekend.

Bobby intoduced me to the Packer legend. Inducted into the Football Hall of Fame in 1977, Bart won the first two Super Bowl MVP distingtions ever awarded by the NFL. It was great to meet a former legend who was extremely pleasant and engaging not only to me but to anyone he met during the afternoon.

The show surprisingly was well attended by fans and collectors alike. I say surprisingly because the economy has taken its toll on the hobby. It was good to see the collectors have not been totally discouraged from getting autographs and purchasing cards and memorabilia.

Many other players such as John Elway, Lawrence Taylor, Paul Horning, Jim Taylor, Ricky Williams and Chris Cooley to name a few , signed throughout the day on Saturday. Sunday, CSA Shows had several Washington Capitals scheduled to appear, including Ovechkin, Semin and many of the World Champion Pittsbugh Steelers, as well.