A-Roid Needs To Make Better Contrition

A-Roid Needs To Make Better Contrition

By Ray Schulte / SchulteSports.com / SchulteAuctions.com

Let's face it, A-Rod lied to us on 60 minutes and he only came out because he was brought out by writer Selena Roberts and Sports Illustrated. Then Peter Gammons sat dowbn with A-Roid, asked the right questions but never followed up after A-Rod responded with answers that provided no more insight other than he was stupid.

A-Fraud didn't acknowelge when he received the "banned substance", who gave it to him and what the name of the substance was. He is not that stupid! No high caliber, high profile athlete would injest any substance that he or she wasn't familiar with. So as I see it he lied to us again.

Then this past Friday night the University of Miami honored A-Roid by naming their baseball park after him. Can we be sending the wrong message to high school and college athletes? And don't get me started about the Baseball Hall of Fame. If he plays clean for the rest of his career, he still doesn't belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Again, the message would be detrimental to the future of our up-coming athletes.

As Selena Roberts reported, there are 103 other player names who tested positive in 2003. If we really want to put a stop to steroids and other banned substances then those names need to be posted for public viewing. I guarantee you they will come out eventually. Why not get this behind us now?

Besides the impact this revolation will have on our young athletes, what about all the clean athletes out there who are now under suspicion? I am glad to hear current players such as Roy Oswalt, Lance Berkman, Jamie Moyer, Curt Shilling and even Papi have come out against A-Rod and others who have tainted our nation's pastime.

Many blame the Players Union and I can't disagree. There will be more pertinent info release in the up-comming weeks. I hope A-Roid comes clean and provides us more info because as far as I am concerned he was taking the 5th after he admitted he was stupid.