A Collectors Once in a Lifetime Experience Coming to Baltimore!

A Collectors Once in a Lifetime Experience Coming to Baltimore !

Steve Terman's Impressive Baltimore / Washington Vintage Game-Used Collection

When the 31st annual National Sports Collectors Convention selection committee awarded Baltimore to host their annual premier event, participating collectible exhibitors and collectors from around the country expressed immediate approval and excitement. Baltimore has always been recognized as having sports franchises rich in heritage and tradition which can and does translate into avid and knowledgeable collectors throughout Maryland.

The National Sports Collectors Convention is the nation’s premier showcase event for the multi-billion sports and entertainment collectibles industry. For the first time ever, the event will be hosted by Baltimore at the Baltimore Convention Center, August 4-8, 2010. Dealers from around the country will be set up exhibiting, including professional league licensees, game-used and vintage memorabilia, new and vintage card dealers, auction houses and authentication companies, not to mention Hall of Fame and current superstar athletes from every sport signing autographs at the Tri-Star Autograph Pavilion.

Back in February, when the National Sports Collectors Convention retained Schulte Sports to spearhead PR and media relations efforts for the 2010 National event I was very excited to be part of the team. It has given me the opportunity to reach out and preview new and established collectible companies and collectors alike located within Maryland.

Recently I traveled to Potomac, MD to visit with one of the most recognized and respected collector of Baltimore / Washington DC sports collectibles in the country. Steve Terman grew up in Wheaton, MD, lived in Washington DC for a period of time and currently resides in Potomac. As a teenager, Steve got his start collecting coins, stamps and political items. As he grew older and became more interested in sports, he became a big fan of the Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Colts it seemed logical to him, at the time, to start collecting sports items.

As Steve reminisced about his childhood while taking me on a tour of his vast collection of game-used items it became obvious his two favorite players of all-time growing up were Brooks Robinson and Johnny Unitas. The first significant game-used item he obtained to start his collection was a 1979 Tippy Martinez home jersey. Since then he estimated that he has secured over 300 Baltimore Orioles, 35 Washington Senators, 30 Washington Caps, 30 Redskins, 20 Baltimore Bullets and 19 Baltimore Colts game-used jerseys. Add over 225 game-used baseball bats, 135 game-used baseball caps, 20 game-used fielders’ gloves, 22 game-used football helmets and 45 game-used warm up jackets just to mention a sample of his collection.

In addition, as it pertains to non-game used items, the collection includes hundreds of pennants, yearbooks, press pins, historic tickets, original sports art work, championship rings, watches, etc. Items such as lockers, signs, display items, seats from Griffith Stadium, Memorial stadium, Camden Yards are represented. Many items from the University of Maryland, including a Len Bias warm-up jacket, shirt, shoes and team jacket are prominently displayed.

A partner in a Washington DC law firm, Steve has been collecting game-used equipment and memorabilia for over twenty-five years. Many of the non-game-used items date back to the 1800’s. He credits attending his first “National Sports Collectors Convention” in Chicago, 1983 as the event that inspired him to focus on collecting game-used equipment and uniforms. Since that Chicago visit, Steve has attended 23 Nationals and is excited the event is coming to Baltimore. While he attended the previous Nationals to meet with friends and fellow collectors, Steve has committed to becoming, for the first time, an exhibitor at the National this year. His collectibles company, Parkway Pastimes will setting up to display and possibly sell some items from his vast collection this August 4 -8th at the Baltimore Convention Center.

After I thanked Steve for spending almost an entire afternoon talking and providing me a personal tour of his collection I asked him one final question. How would he describe “The National” to someone who may love sports or entertainment but never attended a previous event? He said it is a once in a lifetime experience for men, women, and kids of all ages. I agreed. To find out more about Parkway Pastimes please visit – www.parkwayPastimes.com. And to learn more about the National Sports Collectors Convention, including hours, purchasing admission tickets, special promotions visit – www.nsccshowcom.