Roger Goodell Shows Leadership During Tough Economic Times

Roger Goodell Shows Leadership During Tough Economic Times

By Ray Schulte - /

The NFL announced yesterday that Commissioner Roger Goodell had to reduce the NFL corporate staff by 15% or approximately 169 positions due to the recessionary economy.

Goodell voluntarily took a cut of 20 to 25 percent from the $11 million salary / bonuses he was to receive in the 2008 fiscal year, which ends March 31. In addition, all 2009 salaries will be frozen until further notice.

Commissioner Goodell sent a message to his corporate office, owners, teams, players, sponsors and other corporate partners that they all have to sacrifice. Granted, he won't be looking to secure food stamps anytime soon but has Bud Selig made this offer to the baseball nation? Bud earns a little more than $18 million a year and now would be a great time to make a gesture given the MLB season has already started.

The NFL, NHL and NBA weren't hit hard by the economy from the beginning of their seasons or before when sponsors and season ticket holders make decisions on spending for the season. MLB will be the first to experience how the economy will affect season ticket sales, sponsor participation and activation promotions, television commercial sales and licensing revenue.

Roger made the right call, voluntarily. This gesture establishes credibility and respect going forward, when more difficult decisions concerning the league might have to be made if the economy doesn't rebound in 2009!